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Letty Solis

Director of Advocacy

(714) 451-6020

Letty Solis, Director of Advocacy, was a St. Mary's Catholic School student as a child, but she had to transition into the public school system in the 6th grade. She lost her father to cancer at the tender age of 15; shortly thereafter, she was a high school dropout and pregnant by the time she was 16 years old. But through resilience, support, and unwavering determination, she stands here as living proof that there is hope for a brighter future no matter where you come from or what you've been through. Today, Letty is a full-time student at California State University, Fullerton, working on her second bachelor's degree. She is the first generation in her family to make it through higher education; her 22-year-old son follows close behind as the second in the family. Together, they decided to break the chains of adversity and rewrote their narratives.

Letty Solis
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